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When a vehicle arrives at our shop from a customer, the car is completely disassembled. All body panels are stripped of paint and materials. If any rust is found, the car is fully inspected and the customer is contacted. The vehicle is completely sanded, rust removed, and put in self-etching and epoxy primer. Any major body work or body modifications are done at this time. The vehicle is put in a catalyst filler primer and sanded to perfection. After the imperfections are taken care of, and the final inspection is performed, the color is sprayed on the vehicle. After a few days of drying time, the vehicle is wet sanded and buffed to a brilliant gloss. The car is fully assembled to prepare for customer pick up.


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Classics Plus Ltd. is the place to go if you are looking for custom painting on your project. We have many different ideas and designs. Each one of our projects is done with a super quality attitude, no matter what the customer needs. Each job is done in urethane paints and clear coated. They are wet sanded and buffed so no edges can be felt. Contact us for prices.

Our process for restoring and polishing stainless steel trim is to inspect each piece for dents or scratches. If any are found, they are professionally removed and the piece is block sanded smooth. The piece is buffed to a brilliant show winning shine with five different compounds and five different buffing wheels.

Our price for restoring stainless varies on each piece due to the condition. If the customer has an extremely nice piece, it averages about $10 per foot for any piece up to two inches wide. Any piece over two inches wide has to be inspected and a price is given at the time of inspection.

In our steering wheel restoration, every wheel varies in price due to the condition of the wheel. The customer sends us the wheel with their name and phone number attached to the wheel. At the time we receive the wheel, we inspect it and contact the customer with the exact price and due date.

After approval, we cut and grind any bad parts of the wheel, then it is repaired with a two part industrial epoxy that attacks and adheres to the existing wheel. After the epoxy dries, the wheel is then sanded to perfection and the color is applied with a polyurethane paint. The average cost on the steering wheel restoration is $250. Any chrome work needed is an additional charge.

During my many years of operating my own business (Lee's Classic Chevy Sales), I have had the pleasure of serving/supplying Classics Plus of North Fond du Lac, WI, with quality 1955-1956-1957 Chevrolet parts for their customer or personal cars. At ALL times I was always warmly greeted and was immediately reimbursed! I saw many cars in the restoration process plus observed finished cars which were magnificently done! I would highly recommend their services to anyone!

They also performed stainless moulding restoration and steering wheel restorations for my business and I was always 100% satisfied. They truly are craftsmen and I'm positive they can meet or exceed anyone's expectations.

Lee Harder
Lee's Classic Chevy Sales

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