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Mike Freund grew up around
hot rods and custom cars.

Thanks to his dad, Dick, and Uncle Bob, who were and still are car crazy, Mike soon realized his love for the classic automobile. Mike's interest continued growing during his teenage years when he began building his own cars. At 19, he painted his first car -- his own 1967 Chevelle. (right)

Mike knew then he had the ambition and talent to restore and modify cars. His childhood dream began to come true. As his reputation grew in the Fond du Lac area, he began building cars for friends and things just started happening. In 1988, a decision was made to open his hot rod and restoration shop called Classics Plus Ltd. The first major customer project was a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air, 2 door hardtop that he did a total ground up restoration. The car went on to win many awards. Classics Plus Ltd. moved to its present location in 1990 and the rest is history.

Let these notations be a testimonial for Classics Plus Auto Shop and Michael R. Freund, owner/operator, to be an excellent source of repair and/or complete rebuild of automobiles, collectors and show cars in general! From personal experience on several of our cars, especially a '55 Olds Convertible and a '58 Chev Impala Coupe that were painted and repaired to our complete satisfaction for show purposes.

Mike is an honest and hard working young man who also happens to be a perfectionist in this field. From a small repair to a complete body off, frame up, restoration. He will go out of his way to do it the way it should be done and to the customer's special needs and desires!

Jim Baldauf
Collector Cars

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55 chevy
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